Silk Air in-flight Magazine – March 2018

Silk Air’s in-flight magazine for March takes the reader on a epicurean road trip around the Atherton Tablelands including a visit to the Tarzali Lakes Smokehouse located at the Australian Platypus Park.

Feasting Through Atherton Tablelands

After stocking up on cheese and chocolates, you’re all ready for the drive south to Tarzali Lakes Smokehouse, a smallgoods producer on the outskirts of Tarzali village, which is famous for its platypus population.
Set among picturesque ponds, it’s a popular stop for visitors on the famous waterfalls circuit, not least because it shares a site with the Australian Platypus Park.
In a cool room out the back of the smokehouse, co-manager Jade Waring is poking through hunks of pig carcass pickling in a tub of brine with a meat hook. She lifts out a fleshy, dripping side of bacon that is destined for the smoker, a tall, charred oven next to a torture chamber of instruments – saws, knives and an industrial-size sausage pipe and mincer. The smoker isn’t firing, but when it is, the r om is so thick with smoke it stings your eyes and catches in your throat.
Tarzali has been smoking meats for 20 years, producing ham, bacon, sausages, chicken breasts, mackerel and even crocodile. The meat is locally sourced, seasoned with bush tucker ingredients (food native to Australia) and either whipped into inventive meals in their open-air café, sold on site or distributed to local traders. The property is flush with adorable platypus and home-grown produce, including warrigal
greens (bush spinach), lemon aspen and Atherton oak nuts, which provide the aromatic fuel for the smoker.
“It’s a unique experience for our visitors because they get food they wouldn’t get anywhere else,” says owner Ramzi Halabi, who, ironically is hyper-sensitive to smoke and allergic to nicotine.


Download the Silk Air in-flight magazine article Feasting through Atherton Tablelands to read it in full with visits to Gallo Dairyland, The Tarzali Lakes Smokehouse, Mount Uncle Distillery, Skybury, and Emerald Creek Ice-Creamery.

From the Cairns Post Real Estate Guide – 25 July 2015