The public are welcome to visit the Australian Platypus Park at Tarzali Lakes and participate in all its activities.
All visitors enter at their own risk.
We ask you to please observe the following safety advice and abide by the following common sense Terms and Conditions of entry to the park.

Absolutely no swimming or wading at any time.

All children 13 and under must be supervised by an adult/guardian at all times.

Vehicle Access and Speed
Vehicle access is restricted to the driveway and car parking areas except where permission is given. Please limit your vehicle speed to less than 10 kph.

Articles left in cars
Take the usual precautions by locking your vehicle and consider placing valuables in the boot away from view.

Due to the abundance of wildlife, all pets and animals must remain secured (by the owner) in the car park at all times. The restaurant, all waterways including the Platypus viewing area are strictly out of bounds to pets.

Assistance animals are exempt from these rules.
Owners are requested to clean up after their pets.

This is a wildlife habitat – human food is detrimental to wildlife – NO food scraps are to be left in or near any waterway, ponds, tanks, garden or grassed areas. Anyone found disturbing or interfering with any animals and plants will immediately be requested to leave.

Dam Walls
Do not allow children to climb up and down the dam walls.

There are NO Bins provided. Please take all rubbish with you.

Management rights
We reserve the right to remove any person whose behaviour is adversely affected by alcohol or drugs or who demonstrates aggressive or threatening behaviour.

Lost, stolen or damaged property
Tarzali Lakes does not accept any liability for visitor’s lost, stolen or damaged property.

As we are licensed, alcohol consumption is only allowed in the designated areas.
We do not allow BYO alcohol.

No smoking is allowed in the park.

Open Fires
Open fires are not permitted at any time.

Commercial Activity
No commercial activity including photography, filming, video taking or any other form of audio/image capture is permitted unless prior written permission has been sought and  obtained.
Unauthorised use of sound recordings, images, and video is not permitted.
The Australian Platypus Park is the owner of all unauthorised photos, images, audio, video clips or other media taken at the Australian Platypus Park.

Non Commercial Photography
Personal and non-commercial photography is welcome and not restricted.
If you would like to use any personal or non-commercial images for commercial purposes, you will need to contact us to obtain permission.